In the News: Biscuitville’s New Location in Greensboro

Biscuitville's New Location in Greensboro

Nothing perks up a morning like a good hearty breakfast! Biscuitville’s new location in Greensboro will happily serve you something delicious, so you can start your day out right. Next time you drive by their Battleground Avenue location by Wells Fargo, pull on over. You deserve it!

All about Biscuitville

Nothing tastes better than a fresh biscuit! Biscuitville believes that so whole-heartedly that they’ve designed their business model around making a batch of biscuits every 15 minutes. Freshness guaranteed! Not to mention, the Greensboro-based restaurant also relies on locally-sourced food.

With a creed like that, it makes sense that they have more than 60 locations spread throughout Virginia and North Carolina. And now, Biscuitville’s new location in Greensboro will join the batch.

More on the new Biscuitville

Battleground Avenue will now have two Biscuitville restaurants! The first—and oldest—sits at 2311 Battleground Ave. Notably, it only serves visitors through the drive-thru.

As for the new location, it is at 3735 Battleground Ave. Whether you want to eat in their dining area or get your food to-go, you can take your pick!

Giving back

Biscuitville remains passionate about feeding the community. In fact, they showed their commitment to giving back during their recent grand opening of the new spot. On June 1st, they did their part to defeat hunger by donating proceeds from their first day of business to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina.

Browsing the menu

Locally-sourced food made just for you—no wonder our stomachs keep rumbling. Well, prepare to get even hungrier. Here are some of options you can order at Biscuitville:

  • English muffin sandwiches;
  • Country ham biscuits;
  • Country fries;
  • Apple fritters;
  • Homestyle gravy biscuits;
  • Grits;
  • Fried steak biscuits;
  • Peach muffins;
  • A low-carb egg platter;
  • Grilled chicken English muffin clubs;
  • Fried chicken biscuits;
  • Honeybuns;
  • And more.

See their full menu here.

Visiting details

Planning your trip to the new Biscuitville at 3735 Battleground Ave.? They open Monday through Saturday from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sunday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.


With all the mouthwatering options at Biscuitville’s new location in Greensboro, you may just become a morning person. Or, at least, you’ll dread it a little bit less!

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