Happening Now: Merry Madness in Downtown Greensboro

Merry Madness in Downtown Greensboro

This year, the folks in Downtown Greenboro are spreading a little extra holiday cheer. In fact, they’ve added yet another great reason to shop local to the table. So, if you love the possibility of earning while you shop, don’t forget to check out Merry Madness in Downtown Greensboro. You have through Dec. 24th to take advantage of this cool event!

More on Merry Madness in Downtown Greensboro

Spending money can ultimately make you money at Merry Madness in Downtown Greensboro. This event rewards people who shop small. Each Friday, (starting last week on Dec. 3), Downtown Greensboro will hold a drawing. The top winner will receive $500!

How does Merry Madness work?

Holiday shopping could pay off bigtime, thanks to Merry Madness. So, how does it work? We’ll break it down for you!

  • Step one: Download the Downtown Greensboro app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Step two: Buy food, gifts, and goods from any qualifying small business in Downtown Greensboro.
  • Step three: Save your receipt!
  • Step four: Submit your receipt(s) on the app, with a signature on the top of each one. You will be entered into the drawing once for every $25 you’ve spent. That means a $50 receipt is two entries, a $75 receipt is three entries, and so on. Only receipts from the previous five days will be considered valid.
  • Step five: Wait for that week’s email after the Friday drawing. You may be a winner!

Rules and restrictions may apply. Eligible winners must be aged 18 or older. For more info, visit the Facebook page here.

The importance of shopping small

Shopping small goes a long way in any local economy—including Greensboro. When you support artisans, creators, and sellers in your town, that money goes back into purchases made in the area.

So, that $10 you spend on a couple of handmade ornaments can buy coffees at a local coffee shop or towards a book at a local bookstore. On and on it goes!

This ripple effect can ultimately strengthen our economy. And, it sure has another big reward during Merry Madness too!


Considering how ingenious the concept is, we’re tempted to call Merry Madness in Downtown Greensboro “Merry Brilliance” instead. This season, they make it even more exciting to shop local. From finding presents to refueling with food, you’ve got all kinds of awesome options too.

Speaking of options—you’ll find them at Beechwood! Explore our apartments, floor plans, and application info here. As for learning more about local living and events, check out our blog. Oh, and before we forget: have a happy holiday season, everyone!