10 Items Every Apartment Dweller Needs

When you move into a new place, you’ll find that there are just some items that every apartment dweller needs. If you’re coming up short, it’s time to add these belongings to your unit. Then, you can look forward to even more ease and comfort throughout the year—no matter what it brings.

  • Canned food. Do you know what you’ll eat in the event of bad luck? If the weather turns treacherous or a lightning strike takes the power out, canned food will keep you fed. Fruit cocktails, corn, and even pork and beans—even when you can’t use the stove, you can enjoy delicious food.
  • A first aid kit. A modest first aid kit will supply you with band-aids, gauze, and even ointment. Whether you’re dealing with a small kitchen injury or a minor papercut, a first aid kit will help you patch things up with ease. Just remember to seek medical attention immediately if necessary.
  • A fan. It’s a well-known fact that in the South, the summer gets hot! Beat the heat with your own personal fan or two.
  • A flashlight. When storms strike, lights go out. Be prepared with a flashlight. You can even get one for each room to make things easier.
  • A barrel bolt or chain lock. Though your apartment has a lock, you may prefer to purchase another one. For extra peace of mind, add a barrel bolt or chain lock to your front door.
  • A sleeping bag or air mattress. If you’ve ever had visitors over, you know the couch only has room for one. Nobody likes sleeping on the floor. Get a sleeping bag or air mattress for more comfortable overnight stays.
  • A key hanger. Tired of losing your keys? Find a hanger, so you can leave them right by the door. Your mornings will be so much easier too!
  • Tupperware. Cooking in bulk is a lifesaver! Find microwave-and-freezer-Tupperware containers to make the most out of your meals. Then, all you have to do is heat up your food, saving you time and money each week.
  • Thick socks. Feeling chilly? We have a solution that every apartment dweller needs: pulling on some socks! Keeping your feet covered will help you stay warm on chilly winter days. Plus, you can even save on utilities.
  • A photo album or framed photos. When we talk about necessities, we often forget about what’s important for our happiness as well. Keeping good memories alive with photos will help personalize your place, while also helping you stay connected with the important people in your life.
  • A crockpot. As busy adults, we don’t always have time—or space—to cook all day. Fortunately, the task doesn’t have to take up hours of your time. With a crockpot, you have a delicious solution to the problem.

After the whirlwind experience of moving, you may forget to stock up your apartment with the resources you need. Fortunately, with our list of items every apartment dweller needs, you can prepare for the brightest possible future in your new place.

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