6 Tips for Finding a Compatible Roommate

finding a compatible roommate

When you think about living for a year—or longer—with someone whose everyday habits are compatible with your own, the solution is clear: searching vigilantly for a suitable roomie. Even if it’s your first time embarking on this important journey, our tips can help. Then, you can spend the year with a great roommate. Who knows—they might even become a great friend, too!

  • Address important factors up front. Before you sign the lease, talk openly about important things like allergies, pets, and cigarette use. If you don’t think you can remember everything, consider making a list of questions.
  • Tell the truth. We all want to paint more flattering pictures of ourselves. When it comes to finding a compatible roommate, however, honesty is the best policy. Otherwise, you could find yourself living with someone whose habits don’t gel with yours. Whether that means having different hours, dealing with loud music, or fighting over who ate the last ice cream sandwich, lying could ruin your roommate situation.
  • Consult with references. Ever wished that you had talked to people who previously lived with a roommate of yours? Consider asking your roommate for references from people he or she used to live with—especially if the potential new roommate is someone you do not know very well. However, if you ask, have a reference or two of your own prepared. Then, your potential roommate won’t feel as if he or she is being signaled out.
  • Don’t look for perfection. You’re unlikely to find someone who’s exactly like you in every way. Be open to new people and new experiences. That doesn’t mean that you should room with someone who you don’t like, but it does mean that you should keep an open mind when finding a compatible roommate.
  • Nail down a budget and how you’ll pay it. Rent, utilities, and household supplies—each of these will cost you. Before you select your roommate, nail down a budget for all of these things—and how they’ll be paid for. Otherwise, you may deal with frustrating payment schedules, money lending, or spending deficits.
  • Spend time with your potential roommate before signing the lease. Though it may be tempting to go ahead and sign the lease and the search, you should consider spending time with your potential roommate. Go out for coffee, head out for a run at the park, or have lunch together—whatever sounds appealing to you both. This will also give you a good time to talk face-to-face and figure everything out. Plus, being around him or her will help you determine how you feel about the dynamic between the two of you. Then, you can both make the final decision.

Though finding a compatible roommate may sound daunting, you have the tips you need to succeed. Soon, you and your future roommate will enjoy apartment living.

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