News: Greensboro Police Department Was Recognized for Its Green Energy Efforts

Greensboro Police Department

Given today’s environmentally-conscious society, green energy efforts go a long way. The Greensboro Police Department has lived up to part of its namesake—the department’s “greener” initiatives recently earning it a prized accolade. The Greensboro Police Department has been honored as a North Carolina Smart Fleet Champion!

What’s a North Carolina Smart Fleet Champion?

The title of North Carolina Smart Fleet Champion does not come lightly. The Greensboro Police Department secured its newfound title by using vehicles designed to curb emissions and designated eco-friendly. Awarded by the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center, the accolade specifically recognized the department’s use of two electric motorcycles during downtown functions. The Greensboro Police Department received the award as part of the 2019 Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo, which was hosted in Durham, North Carolina.

When did the Greensboro Police Department Go Green?

The Greensboro Police Department purchased the electric bikes back in 2014 through a grant.  Since then, the department has employed the motorcycles in the downtown sector of Greensboro. This is due to the bikes’ speedy response time and maneuverability during crowded events. The Greensboro Police Department may soon add two more electric motorcycles to its roster; the department’s most recent grant for additional bikes has been approved.


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