Greensboro Ranks Number One in the State for Recreation

Greensboro Ranks Number One in State for Recreation

Greensboro, which clocks in at just the third largest city in terms of population in North Carolina, has recently been awarded a major accolade. Apparently, the city does quite well on the metric of leisure. Greensboro ranks number one in the state for recreation!

The study

The study that predicated this decision—conducted by WalletHub—assessed states on a wide array of leisure activities, both indoor and outdoor. Greensboro ranks number one in the state for recreation. This is based on its plethora of neighborhood parks. WalletHub concluded that neighborhood parks instilled a “sense of community,” boosted property values, improved public welfare and health, and decreased pollution.

Parks and recreation

A recent announcement from the Greensboro City Council ties in nicely. The Council announced that the month of July would comprise Parks and Recreation Month.

The Parks and Recreation Department has served Greensboro since 1933. According to the Parks and Recreation Month resolution, the department is “an industry leader in being innovative, collaborative, and efficient” for the community.

Greensboro has been revitalized and revamped under the helm of the Parks and Recreation Department over the years. This was reaffirmed in the resolution read by Mayor Nancy Vaughan. The Department is actually currently contending for a national award this upcoming fall.

Greensboro ranks number one in the state for recreation; however, San Diego took the top spot nationally due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and year-round, near-perfect weather. Our city snagged the 61st spot in WalletHub’s ranking.


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