Local Spotlight: Humane Society of The Piedmont

Humane Society of The Piedmont

Our cute and cuddly pets are akin to family. While not bound by blood, we are definitely bound by bond. The Humane Society of The Piedmont serves as a resource to keep those ties close in our community. From wellness visits to assisted care, the society helps pet owners and their pets stay together.

What’s the society’s purpose?

Established more than a half century ago, in 1953, the Humane Society of The Piedmont lends itself to a number of causes: assisting pet owners, curbing overpopulation, and eliminating the need for euthanasia. At the root of the society’s core mission sits its passion for animals—and desire to nurture compassion and community.

The Humane Society of The Piedmont employs an array of animal-minded experts, from surgeons to technicians. With this expertise, they are able to vaccinate, chip, and provide wellness exams to pets in the Piedmont and surrounding areas.

In addition to in-house services, the Humane Society of The Piedmont provides assistance programs for pet owners who need extra help. This allows owners and pets to stay together. Both the Fill the Bowl Food Assistance Program and Furry Friends Financial Assistance Fund are available to local pet owners in need.

What does the society do?

As the society looks to move to full-service, it currently provides affordable spay and neuter options, general wellness visits, and pet owner assistance programs in its core efforts.

The society performs some surgical services for brought-in pets, along with major vaccinations. In keeping the community humane and compassionate, the Humane Society of The Piedmont also provides free of charge surgery for Guilford County community cats. This service helps keep cat overpopulation at bay, while remaining ethical and non-invasive. This treatment mirrors the society’s core beliefs and values.


Pets deserve our attention and care, which is why the Humane Society of The Piedmont plays such a vital role in the community. Its work helps keep families together!

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