In the News: Greensboro’s Blue Bell Building

Greensboro's Blue Bell Building

Downtown Greensboro isn’t just home to some beautiful older buildings—it’s also home to pieces of our history. This year, Greensboro’s Blue Bell Building may just go down on the books! Read on to find out the details about its recent nomination for a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

A Brief History of Greensboro’s Blue Bell Building

Greensboro’s Blue Bell Building has been a proud part of our town ever since 1921. Located at 620 South Elm St., the building was created for Charles Crump Hudson’s Bluebell Company. It served as an industrial plant site, where they made clothing items. Updates, like a new wing in 1927, occurred over the years.

Greensboro also benefited from the new products, jobs (especially for women), and economic growth provided by the company’s presence in town. Though this spot closed in 1982, the company itself still continues to operate to this day, creating clothing products at different sites.

More on the Historic Recognition Process

If the nomination is successful, Greensboro’s Blue Bell Building will join 42 other nationally-recognized properties in town. The building was recently on the agenda at a Historic Preservation Commission meeting, which took place virtually on August 24.

This month, our City Council will also discuss the nomination. Provided they also agree, the next action is to go before the NC National Register Advisory Committee. Finally, the building’s nomination must receive approval from the National Park Service.

Though the process may sound long, this site has been around longer! Plus, gaining historic recognition means that the building can remain for years to come.


We take pride in our town. In the years to come, we can’t wait to see how things grow and change—but we also love the idea of special sites staying just the same, like Greensboro’s Blue Bell Building. If it earns a spot National Register of Historic Places, the honor will help us all recognize a bit of our history.

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