In the News: Greensboro Science Center Zoo Expansion

Greensboro Science Center Zoo Expansion

After the year we’ve all had, nothing sounds more appealing than meeting some new friends. Especially if they happen to be adorable zoo animals! Lucky for us, with the ongoing Greensboro Science Center Zoo expansion, we can see all kinds of cute critters. Wonder who’s already arrived? And who’s on their way to Greensboro, NC? Read on to learn more about the expansion, which will open this May!

The First Arrivals

Back in March, the first of the new animals arrived at the Greensboro Science Center Zoo. The first new creatures to call the zoo their home were two precious pygmy hippos, as well as an okapi.

Then, later in the week on March 18, some other residents reached their new dwellings. One of the animals is a serval, a kind of African wildcat known for its long legs, named Kira. The rest of the arrivals? Fourteen flamingos—two females and 12 males. 

However, you can’t see them just yet! Like many of us have experienced, they need to quarantine first. After that, they can settle into the Revolution Ridge exhibit, which opens in May.

More on Revolution Ridge and the Expansion

Speaking of Revolution Ridge—this area will house all the arrivals from the Greensboro Science Center Zoo expansion.  In total, it will provide a place for 35 animals. That means the zoo awaits more buddies! Namely, they will also host cassowaries and red pandas.

Also, don’t worry—Kira won’t be alone for long. The expansion will include a complex for small cats. So, we bet she’ll make some feline friends in no time!

The zoo put every penny of the expansion’s $15.1 million price tag to good use. For one thing, the zoo will feature a new conservation center. It will also boast a one-mile-long loop with endangered species exhibits. Plus, the expansion will also include a top-tier animal hospital. That way, they can care for their residents—and they can help all the species on our planet, too. We can’t wait to see what the area looks like when they unveil it in May!

Visiting Details

Only a month away! If you want to say “hello” to every animal at the Greensboro Science Center Zoo, you’ll need to get your tickets first. Current GSC members and children aged 2 and younger may attend for free. Those aged 3 to 13 and those 65 and older can get their tickets for $15, while those aged 14 to 64 can enter for $16. You can buy your tickets online here.

As for the address, you can plug “4301 Lawndale Dr.” into your GPS. Hours range from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

And remember—please follow all state regulations, as well as posted signage and employee direction. Thanks for doing your part to make this summer the best one yet!


Seeing pygmy hippos, wildcats, flamingoes, and more—now that’s the way to start off the summer! Thanks to the Greensboro Science Center zoo expansion, you can learn about conservation. All the amazing animals are just an added bonus! 

These animals have moved to a wonderful new place. Thinking of doing the same? Explore our floor plans and apply online. You can also read about all things Greensboro, NC when you check out our blog!