Greensboro Electric Buses Have Been Added to City Fleet

Greensboro electric buses

This past January, Greensboro enacted a decision that made the city a whole lot more, well, green. How? By adding a new fleet of electric buses. Replacing outdated buses with green options means that the city is on a more sustainable path. The Greensboro electric buses operate just as efficiently as their predecessors—and without such a dirty carbon footprint.


The city is looking to the future. Greensboro now has electric buses serving as public transportation. Powered by batteries, these buses offer progress for both passengers and the environment. Currently, Greensboro intends to have a total of 16 electric buses running before 2019 ends. As time passes—and older buses are retired—the city expects to add more electric buses to their fleet.

Benefits of Electric Buses

Excited to see these vehicles in action? It’s no wonder! The new Greensboro electric buses offer plenty of benefits to the city—and our environment as a whole. Now that they’ll be driving around town, they’ll also bring along advantages such as:

  • Decreased carbon pollution put into the air;
  • Up to $350,000 in savings per bus each year;
  • Rechargeable power;
  • A moon roof;
  • A range between 170 and 200 miles per charge;
  • No tailpipe emissions;
  • USB chargers nestled within the seats;
  • Regenerative brakes;
  • Quieter noise emissions; and
  • A loading ramp.

These buses have been driving around town for a few months now. Whether you’ve spotted them or even taken a ride, it seems that Greensboro continues to make life better for its residents.


With the new Greensboro electric buses, a wave of positive change is spreading all across the city. Greensboro is one of the best places to live—just like Beechwood Apartments! If you want to learn more about the units we offer, visit our website. For more on local news and apartment living, check out our blog.