5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Living at Beechwood Apartment Homes

Thankful for Living at Beechwood Apartment Homes

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year. It’s a time where families gather ‘round the dinner table and share not only food, but also stories and good times. And yes, awkward pauses and uncomfortable squabbles about politics come with the territory. The good thing? You don’t have to stay once the turkey leftovers have been put away. You can return to your apartment, with a full belly and a heightened appreciation for the bliss of simple peace and quiet. As we head into Thanksgiving, let’s list out some reasons why we’re thankful for living at Beechwood Apartment Homes.

Beechwood is pet friendly.

Nothing perks us up like our favorite pooch, purr-fect pal, or fur-ever friend. It’s one of the easiest reasons to be thankful for living at Beechwood Apartment Homes. Not all apartment complexes out there are pet friendly—and we all know they’re missing out. Fall is for cuddling, and the best cuddle buddies are our pets.

Beechwood supplies an in-apartment dishwasher and garbage disposal.

Cleanup is a breeze at Beechwood. Handwashing dishes can be quite taxing—when really we should be relaxing. We already have to find the right ingredients at the grocery store and fix our meals; after-dinner cleaning should be a blip on the radar. And, when living at Beechwood, that’s definitely the case.

Payment is convenient and in one place.  

Renting shouldn’t be a hassle or overly complicated. At Beechwood, we’ve streamlined the payment process, leaving you with less to worry about. Our payment is online, easy to use, and in one convenient place. Peace of mind: one of the best reasons to be thankful for living at Beechwood Apartment Homes.

Oversized closets come standard.

In many apartments, space seems to always be an issue. Not so at Beechwood. Our apartments come with oversized closets, which means you have plenty of space for your wardrobe. Our residents don’t have to decide which pair of shoes has to go to make space for something else—space is plentiful!

Comfort abounds.

Especially as we head into the brisk winter months, finding comfort at Beechwood doesn’t take much work at all. Beechwood apartments feature fireplaces, which offer cozy and comfortable winter nights by the fire. Snuggle up with some cocoa and a good book—and let the warmth embrace you into the evening.


There is so much we can be thankful for, including our apartments. Not a Beechwood Apartment Homes resident? Consider living with us! In addition to the benefits we’ve outlined here, you can check out a full list of amenities, offerings, and more on our website.

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